At Wrington Pharmacy we dispense specialised medication systems to a number of nursing and residential care homes in North Somerset, known as a monitored dosage system (MDS).

There are three types of system that we dispense into.
They are: Biodose system   • Nomad system   • Omnicell system

care home dispensing team

Wrington Pharmacy has a dedicated team of dispensers, delivery drivers and an Accuracy Checking Technician who look after the
Care Homes.

Biodose is a complete sealed pod, medication solution that has won awards and is now used nationwide.

This innovative monthly podded tray allows us to put the entire patient’s medication into one tray for each time of the day with the following additional features:

Above: Each individual pod is printed with the patient's name, address, the date, time of day to be
administered and the drug(s) contained within.
*Liquid medication doses can be sealed into individual pods.

Below: Pop the pod from the tray and peel off the sealed top to administer.

‘Biodose® is a trademark of Protomed Limited’ for more information go to

When residents go for a day out, their Biodose pods can be transferred to a Handypak.

Above: Pods are colour coded making it easy to distinguish between different dosage times, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or evening.

Below: Store all the trays in the special trolleys provided.

Nomad is a traditional sealed tray medication system that has been used across the Care Home sector for many years.

Each individual medication is blistered in separate trays.

Above: Each tray holds an individual medication, with different trays for each time of the day. The trays are labelled with the patient's name and details of the medication in the tray.

Above: All the trays are stored in a trolley. Trays can be arranged with one metal hoop per patient or one metal hoop for each time of the day.

Omnicell eMAR uses medication in its original packaging with patient specific barcoded labels
to computerise the entire care home medication management and administration process.

This paper-free system allows all your care home records to be kept on a dedicated laptop.

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MAR Sheets for ALL patients on all three systems

  • All MAR sheets can have the patient’s picture printed on them
  • The Biodose MAR sheets have pictures of the medication printed on them when possible
  • The MAR sheets are printed on more robust, thick paper
  • A medication info sheet simply summarises the patient’s medication

The Service

  • We deliver up to TWICE daily depending on your location
  • We loan you Trolleys & Fridges if required
  • We can manage the ordering of your monthly prescriptions if required
  • We provide the whole service FREE of charge
    (the dispensing of the prescriptions is a service funded by the NHS, all deliveries, specialist packaging, paperwork and equipment is funded by the pharmacy at no cost to you the user)

to find out more...

we would be delighted to meet with
you at your premises to discuss the
service we could offer.

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